Portrait of David Wasserman by Joan Olexson de Haas


David Wasserman (1917-1999) was a graphic designer and cartoonist who experimented in his spare time with metal collage. For more than thirty years, he created richly-detailed large-scale pictures by nailing small pieces of tin cans, aluminum soda cans and other metals to sheets of plywood. Since he wanted to explore all the artistic possibilities of the medium, the style of his work ranges from abstract to cartoon to realistic, and his subject matter includes famous people, powerful beasts, the depths of space, family photos, and an urban cityscape.


"There is a beautiful honesty in the way David Wasserman uses metal. He has devised a remarkable partnership between the material and style of each image, and there is a purity in these artworks which I feel is due to the fact that he created them with no thought of sales or fame, but solely for the sake of making them as wonderful as he could."
Bobby Hansson
Author of The Fine Art of the Tin Can

Pastel Portrait by Joan Olexson de Haas

David Wasserman Tin Can Art Catalog

David Wasserman was both a graphic designer and a cartoonist. Fine art reproductions of these full color cartoons and others are available for sale, both framed and unframed, at artistrising.com.